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Why is my patient Short of Breath?

Is this caused by disease or is the patient merely deconditioned and/or overweight?

This question is answered by referring to Shape's severity score, a multiparametric analysis of abnormal CPET variables, and DR2, the algorithm which differentiates data into disease and deconditioning "silos".

A normal severity score with an elevated de-conditioning silo indicates low disease probability, and identifies deconditioning as the likely source.

Normal Severity Score

Strong Evidence Deconditioning is the likely source

When the Shape severity score rises above 1, indicating increased disease risk, the disease "silo" metrics guide subsequent diagnostic testing and/or need for specialists referral.

Elevated Severity Score

Strong evidence for Pulmonary Vascular Disease (primary contributor) and Heart Disease (secondary contributor)

Serially monitoring patients on therapy gives a rolling snapshot of therapy effectiveness, identifies emerging co-morbid conditions, and guides treatment and referral when symptoms fail to resolve or worsen. 

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